Painting Accessories

Interior / Exterior All Purpose Super Filler

Suitable for repairing cracks, holes and minor imperfections in plaster, concrete and wood. A strong hard quick drying finish that is weather resistant. Available Sizes: 1-pound, 4-pound.


  • PAINT THINNERS: General purpose thinners for all decorative products, including primers and varnishes.
  • 500 PAINT THINNERS: For chlorinated rubber based products, including road-marking paint.
  • INDUSTRIAL ENAMEL THINNERS: Includes quick drying finishes, stoving enamels, electrostatic and standard A.C.lacquer.
  • EPOXY THINNERS: Use on Epoxy coatings.
  • N.C. THINNERS: Use with Sissons Nitrocellulose based lacquers, sealers and etch primers.
  • ACRLIC LACQUER THINNER: Use with Sissons Acrylic enamels and black bumper paint.
  • RETARDER: For N.C. finishes.

Rust Remover

A solution of phosphoric acid having a high degree of solvent action on rust scale and also having strong etching properties on metal surfaces. As a metal pretreatment to neutralize remaining rust after scraping and wire brushing of loose scales. Available Sizes: 1-gallon.

Penetrating Liquid

A clear processed medium, which penetrates and binds loose and powdery material. For interior and exterior uses as a pretreatment on surfaces, which were previously painted with lime, wash or distemper and which are now to be coated. This material could be used on any surface on which the paintwork is cracking, flaking or in a friable nature. Available Sizes: quart, 1-gallon.

Silicone Water Repellent Solution

A colourless solution of silicone resin designed to impart water repellency to a wide variety of surfaces. As a treatment for concrete walls, cement rendered surfaces, asbestos, etc., to reduce water absorption resistant to the effects of weathering. Available Sizes: 1-gallon.

T’soff Paint and Varnish Remover

A blend of extremely strong solvents and thickening agents capable of softening old oil / alkyd paint and varnish from wood, metal, glass, stone etc. Available Sizes: quart, 1-gallon

Caulk Dispensers

Patterned Rollers

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